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Teaching English

REAP International K12 Schools is a network of schools that serve all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, as an educational program that focuses on college preparatory and career technical education.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Classification

In order to be considered a certain classification in high school, a student must have earned the following number of credits:

Sophomore at least 6 credits
Junior at least 12 credits
Senior at least 18 credits


30 credits are required for Newman graduation; however, in extenuating circumstances, students may apply for a waiver to graduate with a TEA 22-credit FHSP or TEA 26-credit graduation plan.


Graduation Requirements

Newman Advanced Distinguished Plan (Recommended): 30 credits

Includes Endorsement and TEA-Recognized Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA)


1.      English 4 credits

2.      Mathematics 4 credits (including Algebra II)

3.      Science 4 credits

4.      Social Studies (includes Economics) 3 credits

5.      P. E./Athletics 3 credits

6.      Languages Other Than English 2 credits of same language

7.      Fine Arts 1 credit

8.      Technology 1 credit

9.      International Studies .5 credit

10.    Historical Literary Studies .5 credit

11.     Electives 7 credits


TEA Distinguished Level of Achievement: 26 credits

Newman waiver required

•       All the above, except only 3 electives


Newman Distinguished Plan with Endorsement: 30 Credits

Includes Endorsement but not the TEA-Recognized Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA)

1.      English 4 credits

2.      Mathematics 3 credits

3.      Science 3 credits

4.      Social Studies (includes Economics) 3 credits

5.      P. E./Athletics 3 credits

6.      Languages Other Than English 2 credits of same language

7.      Fine Arts 1 credit

8.      Technology 1 credit

9.      International Studies .5 credit

10.    Historical Literary Studies .5 credit

11.     Electives 9 credits



TEA Foundation High School Plan (FHSP) with Endorsement: 26 credits

Newman waiver required

•       All the above, except only 5 electives


TEA Foundation High School Plan (FHSP): 22 credits

Newman and TEA waivers required

•       All the above, except only 1 elective

Online Resources

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Evidence-Based Educational Software for Reading Instruction

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Personalized Online Math Instruction

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Virtual Science Labs for Elementary, Middle & High School


Lifelong Learning Solutions & Programs

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Reaching students with STEM, Computer Science & CTE


Admissions, Enrollment, and Withdrawals

Newman International Academy (NIA) accepts students in grades Pre-K3 through 12th. K5 students must be five years of age by September 1st in order to enroll. Any student admitted to NIA must provide evidence of prior schooling, such as report cards and/or a transcript from the previous school attended. Grades K-8 must provide the most recent report card showing grade promotion; high school students must provide a report card and complete transcript showing all earned high school credits.

Students will be enrolled according to the gender noted on the birth certificate and will be required to follow school policies according to that gender. To be eligible for enrollment, the prospective student and legal parents/guardians of the student must agree in writing to follow the regulations of the school and complete all requirements for admission.

Studying at Home
Kid Piling Blocks

If a student fails to attend school on the first day, or his or her records are incomplete, the student may lose his/her space for enrollment, and that space may be awarded to another eligible student. Each student must be enrolled by his or her legal parent/guardian. Students with a previous expulsion or other serious documented behavioral incidents must submit themselves to an administrative council to determine whether or not they may enroll.

Falsification of information could cause a student to be ineligible for enrollment or subject to withdrawal.

Newman International Academy is an open enrollment, which means any age/grade-appropriate student will be admitted to the school, without regard to race, color, creed, or intelligence, if space permits. There will be limitations to the number of slots per grade level. This may require students to be placed on a waiting list until spots become available. Students will be enrolled in the grade level that follows their last complete grade and must have documentation of promotion from their previous schools. Students entering mid-year will be placed in their current grade level. A student’s attendance does not automatically guarantee a space for the next school year. However, current students will have the first opportunity for the next year’s enrollment prior to opening enrollment to the general public.

If a student must withdraw for any reason from Newman, the student’s legal parent/guardian must notify the school office at least three business days prior to the student’s withdrawal date. At the time of notice, the student’s parent/guardian must submit an official withdrawal form obtained from the school office, and complete the required exit interview with the campus principal.

Happy Family at Home
Playing Guitar

Placement of New Students
Students transferring from an accredited school will be placed at the grade level attained at that school. Students from home school/ private school/ international schools will be required to test at the beginning of the school year to determine the grade level at which the student should be placed.

PreK Enrollment
Newman International Academy offers PreK-3 and PreK-4 at some campuses. In order to qualify for the free Pre-K program, students are required to be potty-trained in order to attend Newman.

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