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REAP International K12 Schools is a network of schools that serve all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, as an educational program that focuses on college preparatory and career technical education.


Dear Parents and Children who are attending a Global REAP K12 School,
It is a privilege that I have as an Advisory Board Member to participate in the development of your school.  For many years, I had been involved in private schools where the staff and parents see their children thrive in an environment that excels in reading, writing, and arithmetic.  With these foundations, a student will successfully move forward into higher learning courses. 
Global REAP K12 is striving to achieve excellence in starting with the foundation and then having the children prepared for college preparatory and career technical education.  This is being accomplished by applying technology, learning software, and technical courses,  When we add competent and enthusiastic teachers, success is achieved.
We know the efforts are paying off.  In the school year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, our Global REAP K12 in Vietnam earned a special award for math achievement.  The children excelled in their math lessons and were recognized by the software company as being one of the top 30 schools to receive the GOLD MEDAL.  As more schools are started, we will see these achievements continue.
Education also needs to be fun. Children need a safe environment where they are excited to wake up each day and go to school.  Music and art classes are included to allow the children to develop their creativity. 
Thank you for considering or choosing a Global REAP K12 school for your child.
Dan Puuri

REAP International Advisory Board Member


•    Elementary School:    
     o    English as a second language is priority
     o    Face-to-face, written and online work
     o    Caring, competent educators
•    Middle School and High School:    
     o    Career Technical (Agriculture, Robotics/Engineering, Pre-Med/Health Care,
           Digital Media/IT, Business) 


•    Accredited USA Comprehensive School

•    Programs offered are recognized for high  standards of educational excellence

•    K-12 Academic subjects includes English,

     social studies, math, science, and culture


•    Classes are taught by American, English speaking teachers

•    Ability to teach remotely if needed

•    Relationships with USA post-secondary institutions

•    Relationships with business and industry partners in career technical fields

•    Our students receive a new laptop computer every three years


•    College preparatory and career technical education at affordable prices.
•    Preparation for post-secondary education within host country or as a partnership with the USA.
•    Clean, safe school environment

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REAP International - Logo Red noback.png

It has been my lifelong dream to bring our educational system to the world. This system will be incredibly successful in any Country and we are honored to lead this important educational pursuit.


This system prepares students for college and a career through online and face to face educational solutions. Students begin learning the English language in pre-school and will be reading in kindergarten. Not only will students learn academics, they will learn career technical subjects and leadership skills.


This system allows parents to be engaged in their child’s education and provides regular updates on the student’s progress and success. Parents will be thrilled with the career technical courses as student learn subjects like engineering, digital media, health care, and others. Parents will also appreciate the leadership and character education that occurs every day.

Every day, students will be taught in an effective manner. Our Gold Standard guarantees:

  • The Goal of Educational Excellence

  • Occupational Preparedness Through Career Technical Education

  • Leadership and Character Development

  • Delivering an Affordable Education


Thank you for visiting our site. We are excited to serve you!



Thien-An (Dan) Dang, Ph.D.

k12 committee

Rusty Foley

Pastor | REAP International

Terry Harding Picture_edited.jpg

Terry Harding

Chaplain, West Carrollton Police Department, Ohio

Kruithoff, Jeff.JPG

Chief Jeff Kruithoff

Retired Police Chief, City of Springboro, Ohio

kathy koch.jpg

Dr. Kathy Koch

Founder, and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc.

Le, Michael.JPG

Dr. Michael Le

Middle School Teacher, Keller Independent School District, Texas

Loflin, Jones.jpg

Jones Loflin

International Speaker and Author, North Carolina

Loxley, Brenna.jpeg

Brenna Loxley

High School Agricultural Science Teacher, Former International Teacher

Marrison Picture.jpg

David Marrison

Extension Agent, The Ohio State University

Nord, Jenny.png

Jenny Nord

Owner/Operator PAIST, LLC Educational Consultant

Pridemore, Rick.jpg

Rick Pridemore

Career Technical Education Coach, Cincinnati Public Schools


Dan Puuri

CEO, Hope Charitable Foundation

Romero, Marie_edited.png

Marie Ramero

1st Grade Teacher, Catoma Elementary, Alabama

Anderson, Monte.jpg

Dr. Monte Anderson

Retired Dean and Professor, Wilmington College

Bergen, Kirk .JPG

Kirk Bergen

Elementary Instructor, Davis-Ramoth Memorial School, Alaska

Kolesen McCoy Picture.jfif

Kolesen McCoy

Strategist & Managing Director for Agribusiness, Majority Strategies, Columbus, Ohio

Davis, Todd.jpg

Todd Davis

Director, Ohio FFA Camp

Stutler Picture.jpg

Kelly Stutler

University Relations Recruiter, Answers in Genesis

Twombly, Anna.jpg

Anna Twombley-Barrow

Secondary Language Arts Teacher, Colorado West Christian School

Weibel, Meredith.jpg

Meredith Weibel

Supervisor, Customer Solutions, ND Paper

Bruce Kettler Picture.jpg

Bruce Kettler

CEO/President, Agribusiness Council of Indiana

David Kohout Picture.jpg

David Kohout

Executive Director,

Talk is Cheap, Inc., Ohio

Gabriel Swaggart Picture.png

Gabriel Swaggart

President, Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, Louisiana

Sara Torres Picture.jfif

Sara Torres

STEM Consultant, Arizona

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