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The school curriculum includes core academic courses set forth by the State of Texas, United State of America, which include but are not limited to courses in English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. We will also focus in the areas of technology, engineering, aerospace, fine arts, foreign language , and other elective offerings.

Human Resources

REAP International K12 Schools is a network of schools that serve all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, as an educational program that focuses on college preparatory and career technical education.


The mission of the Technology Department is to provide quality support and service to the educational programs and the internal operations of the Newman International Academy. The department is dedicated to finding new and better ways to use technology in support of student achievement.

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It has been my lifelong dream to bring our educational system to the world. This system will be incredibly successful in any Country and we are honored to lead this important educational pursuit.


This system prepares students for college and a career through online and face to face educational solutions. Students begin learning the English language in pre-school and will be reading in kindergarten. Not only will students learn academics, they will learn career technical subjects and leadership skills.


This system allows parents to be engaged in their child’s education and provides regular updates on the student’s progress and success. Parents will be thrilled with the career technical courses as student learn subjects like engineering, digital media, health care, and others. Parents will also appreciate the leadership and character education that occurs every day.

Every day, students will be taught in an effective manner. Our Gold Standard guarantees:

  • The Goal of Educational Excellence

  • Occupational Preparedness Through Career Technical Education

  • Leadership and Character Development

  • Delivering an Affordable Education


Thank you for visiting our site. We are excited to serve you!



Thien-An (Dan) Dang, Ph.D.

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